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Immerse yourself in a rich learning environment with in-campus classes, fostering collaborative engagement, hands-on experiences, and real-time interactions with peers and instructors.

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Access world-class education from anywhere with our online classes, where cutting-edge technology meets convenience, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to your schedule and location.

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Embrace the best of both worlds with our hybrid classes, seamlessly blending in-campus vibrancy with the flexibility of online learning, ensuring a dynamic experience tailored to your preferences.

Dr. T P

Trainer, IT Guru

Dr. T P, our esteemed IT Guru and industry expert, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. With a profound understanding of Information Technology, Dr. T P is dedicated to shaping the next generation of IT professionals. Students can benefit from the best of both worlds with the option to attend Dr. T P’s insightful classes either in person through offline sessions or virtually via online classes, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for every aspiring IT enthusiast. Join Dr. T P on a transformative learning journey, where expertise meets innovation, and pave the way for a successful career in the dynamic field of Information Technology.

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CoursesDurationOffer Price
Java45 DaysINR 9000/-
Python30 DaysINR 7000/-
C Program30 DaysINR 4000/-
C++30 DaysINR 6000/-
MYSQL45 DaysINR 8000/-
ORACLE45 DaysINR 15,000/-
Web Technology45 DaysINR 15,000/-
RedHat Linux45 DaysINR 15,000/-

At Creoverse, we believe in making quality education accessible, ensuring that you not only keep pace with industry trends but stay ahead. Seize this opportunity to enroll in these sought-after courses at an unbeatable discounted price of up to 60%.

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